Online Dispute Resolution


Online Dispute Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable and unavoidable part of our everyday professional and personal lives. Until few years back visiting courts was the only option left to resolve a dispute/conflict between the two parties. With the emergence of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), numerous cost effective and time saving options are available to us.
One of them is Online Dispute Resolution. It is a branch of dispute resolution which uses technology to facilitate the resolution of disputes between the parties. It can be used for disputes arising from an online, e-commerce transaction, or disputes arising from any issue. not involving the Internet, called an “offline” dispute. Online Dispute Resolution is an alternative to the traditional legal process, which usually involves a court, judge, and possibly a jury to decide the dispute. It involves the parties in mediation. The parties may use the Internet and web-based technology in a variety of ways. It can be done entirely on the Internet, or “online,” through email, videoconferencing, or both. The parties can also meet in person, or “offline.” Sometimes, combinations of “online” and “off-line” methods are used in Online Dispute Resolution. Some e-commerce companies provide Online Dispute Resolution as a service to customers. A growing number of organizations exist that provide Online Dispute Resolution services for consumers and e-commerce businesses. These organizations are called Online Dispute Resolution Providers.
Advantages of Online Dispute Resolution include:

Advanatge of Online Dispute Resolution include:

  • Cost– Online Dispute Resolution is often less expensive than the traditional legal process with no litigation cost involved.

  • Efficiency– Online Dispute Resolution can often resolve the dispute quickly or at a Pre-Litigation stage.

  • Participation and Control– parties using Online Dispute Resolution must work with each other to resolve the dispute and often have more control of the outcome of the dispute.

  • Flexibility– parties using Online Dispute Resolution can have more flexibility than the traditional legal process.

  • Geographic flexibility- Online Dispute Resolution can allow parties in different locations or countries to avoid the costs and inconveniences of travel.

  • Expert lawyers turned into mediators help in resolving the dispute by acting as an intermediary.

  • Time- With the paucity of time in today’s world, it is the most effective method to resolve the dispute.

  • Recovery of damages, overcharges can be done from one’s home.

  • Cases can be disposed quickly unlike courts where cases keep on dragging for months and years.

  • Involvement of paperwork is nil.

  • Encourages Paperless Solutions.