About Us


About us

Being Your Lawyer (‘BYL’) is a one stop solution for lawyers and the layman to come to one platform and solve their legal issues. It provides legal assistance to all the experiences that ventures undergo in a lifetime- from buying property, legal consultancy, company law filings, contractual support, resolving their consumer complaints etc. It gives opportunities to the common man to understand all possible solutions to the legal problem at hand and the various nuances of law and the legal field. We intend to resolve the disputes at the Pre-Litigation stage by using mediation, settlement offers and online counselling as tools.
At BYL, we are proud, independent and responsible global lawyers. We intend to build great brands. We have operations in almost every state of the country. In the last six months, we have significantly increased our growth. With the consulting & resolving issues regarding consumer disputes that ranges from a minute loss of INR 50/- to the real estate properties worth several crores, from the corporate needs of start-ups like Yellow Kagaz, Endorseme, Externship, Rostrum Legal etc., to minimizing the hardships of litigation of a common man, we have shown our all round performance to the world. We are committed towards the easement of the established procedure of law and its compliances. We believe that the trust is earned when actions meet words & we are known to keep our words intact.

Factors which make us unique:

  • The quick response from the associates plays a key role in developing a productive client-lawyer relationship. Be it a regular follow-up or responding to the queries, we do it efficiently.

  • An expert is the one who knows more & more about less & less. At BYL, corporate needs are taken care of by such experts, i.e., by the associates who are educated, technically skilled and specialize in their respective areas of practice.

  • With a strong network and listing of trusted lawyers, we are able to provide you services anywhere across the country.

  • We are committed to innovation, long-term brand investment, disciplined task execution & focused time management

  • We intend to resolve disputes at the Pre-Litigation stage. We don’t want buyers/aggrieved to become spendthrift on lawyers and court system. This shall ultimately result in the decline of judicial pendency and hence a quicker system to get justice. Let’s take the example of Consumer Disputes in India

Total Number of Consumer Complaints Filed / Disposed since inception Under Consumer Protection Law (as updated on 05.07.2018):

Name of Agency Cases filed since inception Cases disposed of since incep Cases Pending % of total Disposal
National Commission 122042 103520 18522 84.82%
State Commissions 788436 678124 110339 86.01%
District Forums 3903706 3605673 298033 92.37%
Total 4814211 4387317 426894 91.13%

We can make a significant decrease in the numbers by settling the disputes outside the premises of court by providing them a platform to mediate and negotiate according to their claims.

Our business priorities:

We are committed to long-term value creation. The BYL strategy is built around four business priorities for action. They are designed to enable the Company to win in the marketplace, focus on the long-term sustainability and continue to delivering growth and shareholder value.

Our services:

  • Lawyer Referral

    Our lawyer referral services are designed to make it easy for you to contact a lawyer. The expert panel at our desks is willing to help you out with in this sphere of courtrooms and justice.
  • Resolving Consumer Disputes

    At present we have consulted and resolved the consumer complaints amounting to more than 7 crores. We have experts in the field of builder buyer issues in case of a delayed property possession. We always prefer at Our business priorities Deliver efficient services Develop and build brands Save Costs and time Resolution at PreLitigation resolving such issues before moving to the judiciary. Our objective is to make every consumer believe that he is the genuine King of the market.
  • Start-up Support

    A lot of legal homework is required before a start-up is actually made into a company. Legal Compliances is a massive deterrence for small start-ups. We, at BYL, aim at being ‘the start-up for start-ups’, and provide all the legal services required to sustain your start-up, from preventing legal disputes to battling one. It includes business documents (service agreements, memorandum of association), website documents (terms of policy, privacy policy), investment documents (share-purchase agreement, shareholders agreement), internal documents (HR policy, employee agreement) and the like.
  • Corporate Requirements

    Various Legal Documents are required during the lifespan of a company. BYL drafts and assists various legal documents required during merger and acquisitions, hire and purchase agreements and due diligence reports
  • Legal Process Outsourcing

    The legal market across the world is rapidly turning towards outsourcing for gaining perfection and staying profitable in a highly competitive market. Legal Process Outsourcing is a lucrative route to reduce cost and increase efficiency by outsourcing legal works to India

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.