What is the need of Copyright Registration?

What is the need of Copyright Registration

With the advent of knowledge and information IPR has gained quite substantial importance in the legal arena. Intellectual property (IP) refers to “creations of the Intellect for which a monopoly is assigned to designated owners by law”. Intellectual property rights (IPRs) are the rights or protection granted by the law under the IPR laws.
Intellectual Property consists of two types:

  • Industrial Property
  • Literary and Artistic Work

The rights of the owner of literary or artistic work are protected by the Copyrights Act, 1957. However, the Industrial property is given protection by:

  • Patents Act, 1970
  • Trademarks Act, 1999
  • Industrial Design Rights
  • Trade Secrets
  • Layout-designs
  • Geographical Indications.

Copyright Registration and its need:
In India it is not necessary to get your copyrighted work registered. Copyright comes into existence immediately after the creation of a new, literary or artistic work. The owner by the virtue of law gets the sole right over his work. From the time the work comes into existence it becomes the personal intellectual property of the owner. In case a person uses or refers to his work for creation of other work then he must take prior permission of the owner.
However, it is advisable to register the copyrighted work so that in case of any dispute such certificate of registration can be used a prima-facie evidence against the defendant. The government has provided all the facilities for getting the copyright work registered through the Registrar of Copyright under the Department of Education.


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