How to Trade Mark a Brand Name?

How to Trade Mark a Brand Name

How to enlist a brand name or a trademark in India?
Things being what they are, we claim a business or need to possess a business, and we are considering if the Trademark enlistment India truly important stride? Is it something which is quite recently great to have for a business or an unquestionable requirement have for a business ? indeed, let me make an inquiry,

  • How much time and exertion we put resources into our business? for our item ? or, then again making brand esteem? Did you endeavor to make your business a respectable and trust commendable name in psyches of your customers?
  • How would you feel, on the off chance that another person is abusing your business name?
  • Or You discovered that the name that you are utilizing for your business is really enlisted with some other organization

Even most pessimistic scenario would be
You deal with your business for such a large number of years to assemble brand and reliability in customers brain and you discovered you are encroaching effectively enrolled trademark of somebody and you can not utilize that name for your business here after
It would be a gigantic loss of time, endeavors and expenses !!! Might you want to keep away from such destroying situations that can hurt your organizations picture? which can bring about all the diligent work you put in building brand name (picture) of the business going waste !!!
At that point you have to truly consider securing your business name, personality, mark, logo, picture and so forth. This is accomplished by enlisting Trademark for your business. On the off chance that legitimately utilized and advanced, a Trademark turns into the most important resource of a business. subsequently it is critical to consider Trademark enlistment India.
An enrolled trademark is a vital resource for a business used to ensure the organization's interest in the brand or image.

Exchange check
In basic terms, trademark is a brand or logo which speaks to your business.
A visual image like a word signature, name, gadget, mark, numerals or blend of hues utilized by proprietor of the trademark for merchandise or benefits or different articles of trade to recognize it from other comparative products or administrations starting from various organizations. A trademark can be a word, image, logo, mark name, wrapper, bundling names, slogan or a blend of these and are utilized by makers or specialist organizations to distinguish their own items as well as administrations. It is utilized to recognize the proprietors' items or administrations from those of its rivals.

Case of trademarks:
Coca cola and Pepsi are two trademarks from same industry (drinks) which unmistakably distinguishes source or root of the merchandise and a sign of value.
Trademarks in India are enlisted by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Trademarks are enlisted under the Trademark Act, 1999 and give the trademark proprietor the privilege to sue for harms when encroachments of trademarks happen.
Be that as it may, any trademark, which is indistinguishable or misleadingly like a current enrolled trademark or trademark for which application for enlistment has been made, can't be enrolled. Additionally trademark that would likely cause duplicity or perplexity or is hostile may not be enrolled.

Who is eligible to apply trademark?
Any individual which can be singular, organization, proprietor or lawful substance guaranteeing to be proprietor of the trademark can apply. The application for trademark can be documented inside couple of days and you can begin utilizing "TM" image. What's more, the time required for trademark registry to finish customs is 18 to 24 months. You may utilize the ® (Registered image) alongside your trademark once your trademark is enlisted and enrollment endorsement is issued. Once enlisted a trademark is legitimate for a long time from the date of recording, which can be restored time to time.

Elements of an exchange stamp are:
• It recognizes the administration or item and its source
• It ensures its quality
• Helps in Advertisement of administration or item diverse sorts of trademark:
• A name (counting individual or surname of the candidate or antecedent in business or the mark of the individual)
• A begat word or a designed word or any self-assertive lexicon word or words, not being specifically illustrative of the character or nature of the products/benefit
• Alphanumeric or Letters or numerals or any blend thereof.
• Image, image, monograms, 3 dimensional shapes, letters and so on.
• Sound stamps in sound configuration


Reports required for documenting a Trade Mark Application in India:
• Trademark or logo duplicate
• Applicant subtle elements like name, address and nationality and for organization: the condition of fuse
• Goods or administrations to enroll
• Date of first utilization of the trademark in India, if utilized by you preceding applying.
• Power of lawyer to be marked by the candidate

The system for enrolling trademark in India
Step 1: Trademark look
This hunt is to check whether your business name or logo is like other officially enrolled trademarks. By and large trademark specialist or lawyer directs this hunt with the Trademark Office to check if there are any comparable trademarks officially enrolled under that specific class. There are two sorts of pursuit: on the web and disconnected. It is suggested that you complete both the hunts. When observed to be one of a kind you can continue to the following stage:
Step 2: make trademark application
(time required: 2-3 days)
In view of the aftereffects of the pursuit directed, the trademark lawyer will draft trademark application, gave that your business name/logo observed to be remarkable. On the off chance that somebody as of now has the same or comparable trademark, you have to change yours. Or, then again in the event that you are of assessment that the trademark is legitimately yours and you are utilizing it since long time even before other gathering trademark enrollment. You can begin utilizing ™ image when you record the type of trademark application.

Step 3: trademark enlistment
(time 18 to 24 months)
Cost: Government charges is Rs. 4,500/ - if there should arise an occurrence of Individual/Startup/Small Enterprise (it would be 9,000/ - in all different cases) and trademark lawyer proficient expenses is Rs. 3500/ - per application per class.

  • The Trade marks office will initially check your application to check whether it's as of now been taken. In the event that it has, a trademark protest will be raised.
  • If it has no complaint, it makes a commercial in the Trade Marks Journal.
  • If there is no resistance from different organizations in the following four months, your trademark is enrolled around six months after the fact.

Note: Protests Dependent Costs Drafting lawful reaction to complaints can be from Rs. 2000/ - to Rs 5000 with a specific end goal to beat the complaints and on the off chance that hearing is required, the cost per hearing would rely on the intricacy of the matter.

Official Fees (INR)     Professional (INR)      Total


Trademark Application


(Charges are for per class per stamp application)        4,500/ - if there should be an occurrence of Individual/Startup/Small Enterprise


3,500/ -            8000/ - if there should arise an occurrence of Individual/Startup/Small Enterprise


9,000/ - in all other cases                     12,500/ - in all different cases


Steps  to take to enrollment your trademark in India:

  • Select and approve a trademark operator or lawyer to speak to you.
  • The trademark lawyer directs a pursuit.
  • Depending upon the consequences of the pursuit, the trademark lawyer will draft your trademark application. In the event that somebody as of now has the same or comparative trademark, you may need to change yours.
  • The trademark lawyer will record your trademark application with the Trademark Office and send you the receipt.
  • After a couple of days, the trademark lawyer will send you the Original Representation Sheet of your trademark as it has been recorded with the Trademark Office.

It can take anyplace between year and a half to 2 years for the Trademark Office to choose whether or not to allow you the trademark; if there are complaints from the trademark office or from any other person, it might take longer. Also, your trademark is distributed in the Trademark Journal.


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