Arms License in India

How to apply for arms licence in India?

  1. Application to the Authority
    An application for the grant of license is made to the licensing authority and is accompanied by a fee, if any, as may be prescribed.
    In Delhi, the designated licensing authority is A.D.C.P (Licensing), Delhi. People living in other metros would also need to apply at the office of the local D.C.P (Licensing). For people living in non-metro cities, they would need to apply at the office of their local S.D.M (Sub-Divisional Magistrate).

  2. Verification Procedure
    On receipt of an application, the authorizing expert requires the report of the Officer accountable for the closest police headquarters on that application, and such Officer should send his report inside the endorsed time.

    This is done essentially for Police verification procedure. They fundamentally check for any criminal record or not and the legitimacy of all data announced in the application. People with past criminal records are not qualified for arms licenses. In all cases a policeman will go to each of the locations provided and most likely even get some information about your "ethical character".

    The applicant must declare all addresses that he/ she has resided at during the last 5 years along with the time period and duration from-to for each address.

    A confirmation report will be asked for from the pertinent nearby Police Stations at all the locations given by you. This is the place most permit application records "get lost" in travel.

  3. Grant or refuse of the license
    The Licensing Authority, after such inquiry, if any, as it may consider necessary, and after considering the report received, shall subject to the provisions of the Act, by order in writing either grant the license or refuse to grant the same.


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