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“Being Your Lawyer” more than a website is an opportunity. It is a prospect for the lawyers and the aggrieved to meet each other with the utmost ease.

Describe your issue

Explain your problem and state what you want. It hardly takes 5-8 minutes. You don’t need to speak ‘legalese’, just state what happened and what you want.


Tell them what you want

You can request cash, non-cash reimbursement or choose “Just make me happy” to request a fair offer from the other party.


Receive their settlement offers

Being Your Lawyer will deliver your claim with a 10-day deadline for resolution. After ten days we will post it for public review, comment, and suggestions for settlement from our community of online mediators.

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Why Being Your Lawyer

It provides the easiest way to resolve your disputes-

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With ever increasing problem of judicial pendency in our country, BYL realizes the importance of out of court settlements and intends to resolve it at the Pre-Litigation stage.

100% Customer Satisfaction

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BYL serves as the absolute host of all the legal encumbrances. With several happy faces, BYL is well aimed to increase & maintain the Gross Legal Happiness (GLH) of our country

Save Time, Energy & Money

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With BYL you need not look for lawyers. You can resolve it effectively without visiting a lawyer or a court.

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We take great pride in the fact that we have been providing excellent advice and service to our clients.

Happy Clients

  • I am delighted to meet the BYL services. They are way too quick and advanced. Great team of enthusiastic people. All the very best.
    Ankit Srivastava
  • The assistance and support we got from BYL is very excellent. What I most liked about BYL is their consistent high quality service. Good luck for your future.
    Mr. Atul Kumar Shukla

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